Abaya Has Been Protested in Saudi Arabia, but Open Abaya Recognition Can Stop It

There are different versions of modest way to dress by a Muslim community. The Islamic dress code is a religious hallmark and its reference is made in the Holy Book Quran and in many other Islamic literatures. The Quran tells about a modest way to dress by the Muslim men and women.

Women’s outfit in Islam

The women in Islam are required to wear hijab, a type of outfit that veils a woman from eyes of unknown men. The details of hijab outfit are specified in the hadith sources. The Islamic scholars have their own opinion on wearing of this outfit. This is an issue on which unanimity can’t be attained. This is explicit from mandating of hijab in some Muslim nations, but its ban in some parts of the globe.

Women protested hijab in Saudi Arabia

We are living in a world of fashion where everything changes over time. It appears that most Muslim women are not against hijab, but a trend that has never undergone change.  A recent news made a headline that Muslim women in Saudi Arabia launched a protest against the abaya and worn this outfit’s inside out. This is a show of Muslim feminist’s resentment against black abaya dress code and evidence of their seamless creativity for the fashion world.

Modest form to substitute abayas

This is the beginning and more protest may happen in future. Abayas are one reason to mentally torture womenfolk in Islam by asking them to wear a full-length robe to cover their entire body. This function can be performed by other apparels that hide body parts and prevents vulgarity. The abayas are full length but leave head, feet and hands exposed. The feminist sensuality in men’s eyes is in every part of her body and this is not the right way for women’s protection. This is an awakening buzz because Islam has never paid heed to feminist issues. Open abaya is the new form of this outfit which is accepted by Muslim women and Islam should also recognize it.

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