Check Out Answers of Common Questions before Applying for ETA

Visa is the most vital document when traveling to a foreign country. It is like a pass for an individual to roam around in a foreign country. Without it, no person of a different country is allowed to enter another one. This is why it is the most important document of all when travelling.

However, there are other documents like Australia eta which allows people from certain nations can enter Australia even without a visa. Below everything about visa australia is given in detail. Just have a look.

What is ETA?

ETA is also known as Electronic Travel Authority which is similar to a visa. It is for people who are visiting Australia from their countries which are exempted from requiring a visa. Upon entering the traveling country one must produce this document get an entry. This is connected to a person’s passport electronically. Also, it can be applied online.

How to apply for ETA?

Anyone can apply for ETA. As long as one is from the nations which are exempted from requiring a visa, an individual can apply for the ETA simply going online and filling up the required form.

When should one apply for it and long is it valid?

As soon as a person makes a plan of visiting Australia, he/she should apply for au visa. Though it just takes about a week’s time to process, it is better to apply long before the day an individual leaves for the trip.

Which countries’ citizens can apply for it?

Passport holders from countries like  Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, USA, and a few other countries. To get the full detailed list, one can simply visit which nations’ passport holders are allowed to apply for this document.

Apart from these, there are more questions which one might have about this ETA. So to get all the answers one can simply visit www eta immi gov au.