History of the TTU class ring Texas!

Evoking the memories of the Texas Tech class is the exceptional Texas Tech class ring which has been a symbol of excellence and achievement of Alumni! Made of signature metals and beautiful design representing the statute of the Texas Tech is this ring which has all the elements of connecting alumni to their center of learning. Made in 1999 the ring today is widely known for its exceptional beauty and design.

texas tech class ring

History and importance

The origin of theĀ texas tech class ring goes back in the history when in 1999 the universal symbol of excellence was introduced. The first ring was restored from the 1950s which marked the traditions and memories of the TTU from the many inspirations it was build with. The images carved on the ring, emblem made and the fine craft made it one ring to stand out. With the carol of lights, holy book, symbol of management etc the ring brings out the beauty of the university while also making one feel connected to the center of learning they belonged to.

The exceptional craft of the ring got so popular that the university had to introduce it as a part of their Texas Tech class ring. Today the alumni of the university can get one for them and mark their presence in the event of annual ring ceremony held at the university.

The classic design

The class ring is made of metals like yellow gold, white gold, Signet yellow gold, signet white gold etc and are carved with some exceptional design that captures the essence of learning. The double T stands for the name, one shoulder has the symbol of administration building while the other has the holy book with 4 mini symbols which represent learning, home, star, and church. The classic design is appealing and a symbol of art!