How to Make Visa-free Entry into Australia

Obtaining visa to visit any country is a tedious process and time-taking as well. If someone is planning to visit some country for few weeks or couple of months, the efforts to apply for visa document is a futility. It involves long documentation, visa interview, takes time to issue and there is high visa fee. There is a chance of rejection by the consulate office and the whole efforts and money will go waste.  Many people are afraid to apply for a visa, especially those with some criminal background may have a risk of denial.

Visa-free entry into Australia

Visiting Australia for short-stay, say up to three months, is easy for the nationals of the countries that are eligible under visa waiver program for visa-free entry.

This country allows visa-free entry to nationals of eligible countries on an electronic document, without a visa, called Electronic Travel Authority. This document is strongly suggested because it doesn’t require tough documentation, high fee, and interview procedure. This document can be applied online and is issued in a short period, provide an application fulfils the conditions required to issue this document.

Applying for ETA

ETA is issued for any visa-exempt foreign nationals for landing into the Australian land, provide the ETAS approval is electronically issued and linked to the traveler’s passport prior to the entry. Making an application for ETAS approval is simple and easy via online application on the official website for this purpose. The prerequisites, conditions, application, and documentation are possible to access online and application submission along with service fee can also be made online.

What you need

All you need to have an internet-enabled computer, e-mail ID, your passport, and a credit/debit card or netbanking to make payment. You can apply through official website on agreeing to protocols and policies, and you don’t have been issued valid visa of any type to travel to this country.

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