Texas Tech University & Its Alumni Ring Tradition

Texas, one of the largest states in United States, has a good educational environment. This state is the home of many reputed universities which caters to higher educational needs of thousands of national and international students. The scenario of universities in this state is mixed: public and private universities, but most universities are good from the perspective of offering higher education; the undergraduate, master’s and doctorate levels.

About Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University is one big name among many others. Texas Technical College was established through legislation as the new university. This was done on Feb 10, 1923 in West Texas. The name was later changed to Texas Technical University which is worldwide known by its name Texas Tech University. This university is one of the largest for higher education in 50 states of United States. This university is the lone school in the Texas state which is, apart from being a major university, has on campus medical school and law school.

Texas Tech Ring

Texas Tech alumni ring tradition

Like other prestigious US universities, Texas Tech has reputed alumni, the Texas Tech Alumni Association, which has its Ring tradition like some other reputed universities. The official Texas Tech alumni ring of Texas Tech Alumni Association has been a symbolic award since 1999. The ring tradition of the Double T, Masked Rider, Administration Bell Tower, and the Texas Tech seal has been brought back from the 1950s. This is a pride for every receiver, a graduating student. There is also a tradition of class ring.

What the ring represents

The Ring is essence of Texas Tech and student’s association with its alumni. Texas Tech Ring is not an ordinary ring but engraved with words and symbols that collectively convey some meaning and motivation for students to face tough challenges of the world in their life after college life. The official ceremony of their presentation is an event that reminds students of their hard work, and achievement made through this hard work.

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