Types of passport that are issued according to the visitor’s purpose

Visa or ETA is one of the most important things that you will need when you are visiting a foreign country or region. Everyone visits a new place for a definite motive and that is why a visa is issued. ETA is issued after proper scrutinization of the person so that a person will not be able to cause any kind of issues in the foreign country.

  • Business visa: There are many people who have to visit new places or countries for business exhibition to business meetings and during this time they will need a business visa. If you are visiting Australia then you will need Australia eta where your motive and the duration of stay will be mentioned so that you can easily conduct your business operations.
  • Skilled migration: If you are thinking of staying at a new place permanently then you will have to opt for this kind of migration.

Electronic travel Authority

  • Working holidays: If your age is within 30 then you can opt for this kind of visa if you want to explore Australia and have a motive for tourism in this country.
  • Instant Tourist Visa: It will need at least 3 to 12 months for getting sanctioned by the immigration department of Australia. Here your motives and duration of stay will be clearly mentioned and everything will be connected with your passport. Everything will work electronically and that is why ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority.

The process of availing the ETA is very easy, but you will have to provide everything properly otherwise it will get cancelled. You will have to make an advance payment under processing will start. If the ETA finds any kind of wrong information in it, then it will get cancelled and will not be sanctioned by the immigration department of Australia. To know more you can definitely visit www eta immi gov au.