Yourswimlog – This Is What You Swimmers Were Waiting For

All said and done, swimming is the best form of exercise and there is no debate on that. Swimming can help you in developing as a wholesome human. Now, we won’t waste much time and quickly find out what all this guide has to offer.

Written by a seasoned swimmer, it is the ultimate guide for swimming enthusiasts. Let us find out how to get the best dolphin stroke under water. Mastery over it brings you one step closer to our dolphin friends. If you want to be considered as one of the elite swimmers across the globe, you need to have mastery over the dolphin stroke. It helps you in developing agility underwater.

Yourswimbook– Forever yours

The book states how you can improve your technique under water. The four areas that are explored here are:

  • Technique- how fast or slow to propel through water
  • Flexibility – to move like a fish
  • Strength- makes your legs strong
  • Training – helps you in developing your skills

The book also enlists few skills like the back kick. This propelling step is the main prerequisite to be under water. You develop knowledge about your thigh, calves and ankle movements. A large chunk of swimmers forget to use their hips. It is as important as using your legs in swimming.  That is what this book stresses on.

The other book titled Conquer the pool, is aimed at mental training. It teaches you, all about focus,        optimism in tough situations, nervousness and other emotions at play and how to conquer them with ease.

The book makes it all the simpler. There are 290+ pages of information on developing mental agility and strength.  It teaches about goal-setting, practice, racing and few more important strategies. You can buy them online at reasonable prices. These books are your lifelong companion. So, buy one and race ahead in the pool. Visit